📲Social Coach 🚀 is our latest offering and is subscription-based access to a private Facebook group, designed around you taking simple, short, social actions on a daily basis.
💪These actions can be done completely from your phone in as little as 15 minutes. 🙌
👉 The actions will build and compliment different areas of your social influence. 🏆 It is about creating cumulative gains through developing consistent positive social habits!
This is the "What" of Social Media. More details.

😎Social Coach PRO 🚀 is our longest running community. It is also subscription-based access to a separate private Facebook group which focuses on implementing the Tips, Tricks and Hacks from Social Coach into daily 1% changes to increase your influence, effectiveness and thoughtfulness in using Social Media. This is the "How and Why" of Social Media. More details.

Explore the differences in more detail here.

💭 Dream Coach 🚀 is a periodic, intensive, small group coaching experience to support your Dream. This is not life coaching, though there may be some overlap. The world needs your Dream. This is the coaching necessary for YOU to be able to implement, launch and provide continued support for your Dream. More details.

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